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Our Dojo

We are now meeting at the D.R. Semmes YMCA in Studio 3. Before and after each class we work together to set out the mats for practice. After each class we clean the mats and then stack them to clear the space for other YMCA sanctioned programs. We ask if you are able to come 30 minutes prior to and stay after class a bit to assist in these necessary steps to avoid using instruction time for set up and break down.


Making the class time a focused and coordinated effort towards the study of aikido is every students' responsibility. Upon entering the dojo, members are encouraged to show respect to the space, regarding it as separate from his/her daily life. It is a place to improve oneself, so removing shoes and hats also signifies a shedding of the outside world. This spirit lends itself to a concentrated effort toward "kaizen," or "constant improvement."

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