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Aikido at the D. R. Semmes YMCA Studio 3

on hiatus for Summer 2023

Single class rate is $20/class
Payment arrangements can be made at class time. Cash or check preferred. Inquire directly about contactless payments.
Uniform and Weapons
Uniforms are single weave Judo gis with white belts. Hakamas are worn by students of Shodan or black belt level or higher. Uniforms vary in cost according to size. Students are expected to wear a clean uniform to each class. Wooden weapons (bokken and jo) are used periodically and are encouraged for home practice. These also vary in price according to selection. Orders placed with Angel Sensei are usually received in 1-2 weeks.

Monthly Memberships now available.


Supporting Member

Includes access to all classes each week for the month paid. 

Regular Member

Includes access to one class each week for the month paid.

Consider becoming a patron to directly support Angel Sensei and bring Aikido to greater San Antonio area parks.

Your tax deductible donation is gratefully appreciated!!!

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Other Fees/Costs
  • Annual dues of $50 as a member of the United States Aikido Federation, plus $5 for Dojo Membership contribution  

  • Testing fees range from $50 for Kyu ranks to $300 and higher for Dan ranks. 

  • Seminars range from $60 per day to $150 per weekend; attendance is encouraged, but not mandatory. Many are held out of town and require overnight accommodations. Travel, food, and seminar costs are the student's responsibility. Through donations, we hope to offer scholarships to ease the cost of the seminar fees to those with financial hardships.

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