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Adult classes are open to students of all ranks age 14 and up. Senior members (sempai) serve to guide beginners in the basic footwork, technique, principles, and etiquette. Partners are asked to practice diligently with minimal conversation. It is recommended that practice partners train without trying to correct each other, but focus on flow and overall principles of movement. Brief helpful suggestions from sempai are encouraged.


Kids classes are open to children ages 7 and up. At age 14 they are eligible to practice with the adults. However, teens are welcome to assist with children's class. Children are taught in a more kid-friendly environment through conditioning exercises and aikido related games that focus more on general movement than specific technical nuance. Kids are allowed to be kids, while still learning aikido techniques and virtues such as self-discipline, respect, and perseverance.


In our dojo, this includes ranks intermediate and above. As the dojo grows, we will have specified advanced classes. This class is currently reserved for 5th kyu and above.